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    10/23/2020 Inside visits coming

    October 23, 2020

    October 23, 2020


    Dear Residents and Families,

    We finished our 2nd round of “outbreak” testing with both rounds coming back negative for residents and staff.  To reiterate what outbreak means is that at least one person from our facility has had a positive Covid-19 result, either employees or a resident or both.  Our last positive was 2 employees, both have recovered and completed their mandatory quarantine.  When we have an outbreak, we are mandated to test all employees and residents to ensure minimization of spread.  We have been successful in these efforts, please keep you and your family safe by following recommended precautions of wearing masks, keeping your social distance, and wash your hands frequently.  Our staff have worked very hard at ensuring our residents remain safe, they are doing a great job! 

    With this successful round of testing we are moving into Level 2 guidance to open-up our inside visits.  We currently are hiring to help with the visits, as this new phase will require more oversight and cleaning between each visit for infection control.  We hope to get to offering 7 days a week, with scheduled 20-minute visits between 11Am – 7PM.  Visitors are required to bring their own mask and ensure that they are not sick.  If you have any symptoms, we ask that you stay home and reschedule.  All outdoor visits have been closed for the season.

    INSIDE VISITS: Here is our first phase to opening and we will adjust once staffing has been obtained, notifying you of when it changes.

    Pioneer Memorial Care Center (Nursing Home) - 218-687-2365

    Schedule with the Business Office #8 and later the Activities Department, we’ll let you know.

    Monday – Friday (20-minute Visits)

                    10AM, 11AM, 1PM, and 2PM

    The Country Place (Assisted Living) – 218-687-2288

    Schedule with Assisted Living site DON or staff

                    Thursday on the hour 11AM-6PM

                    2nd Weekend (alternating Saturday and Sundays) of the month 11AM – 4PM


    Crossroads (Assisted Living) – 218-687-4702

    Schedule with Assisted Living site DON or staff

                    Tuesday on the hour 11AM-6PM

                    2nd Weekend (alternating Saturday and Sundays) of the month 11AM – 4PM


    In addition to the inside visits, we also have Essential Care Givers and Compassionate Care Visits.  These two visits keep evolving as CMS and MDH changes.  The last change was when CMS put out the visitation requirements, and they only identify Compassionate Care Visits.  Originally the difference was that an Essential Care Giver, was someone who was actively participating in the resident’s care prior to COVID by assisting with daily activities, i.e. dressing, eating, etc.  Compassionate Care Visits were end of life or significant change in the resident that may be due to isolation from external people, i.e. family or friends.

    Infection Control and risk for exposure are the two areas that we need to ensure are safely managed in our facility.  Currently our policy allows for only 2 persons in the building at one time to help reduce risk of Covid-19 in our facility.  With this 2nd phase will be moving to 2 persons per neighborhood at 2 hours maximum time to ensure that we have the ability to offer visits to more than one area.  These visits or visit requests will go through a multidisciplinary review for necessity.  We have completed the first round of reviews and letters have been sent out.  If you do not meet the criteria for an essential caregiver or for compassionate care, then we will have the inside visits to ensure that you can meet with your loved one.

    Lastly, we have added an extension on our phone to access current updates to help with those who do not have access to the internet via our Website or Facebook.  When you call our main line 218-687-2365, you would need to hit the star (*) symbol and that will take you to the facility updates to listen to.  We appreciate your help, support, and patience as we navigate these challenging times.  Our work here will be changing, and hopefully we are heading toward where we can get back to a new normal.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our team members.  Thank you and we pray that you and your families remain safe and healthy.

    Warm Regards,

    Lisa Frey, MA-HHSA, LNHA




    With love and as family, Pioneer Memorial Care Center provides total care and support to adults with special needs.


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